Draw a circle there's the Earth!

Will there be Pasta?

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Um... Well, everybody was doing it...
1. I ___ Veneziana.

2. I want to _____ Veneziana.

3. Veneziana is _____.

4. Veneziana and I are_____.

5. If I was alone in a room with Veneziana we would probably _____.

6. I wish Veneziana could ______.

7. Veneziana should ______.

8. Veneziana reminds me of _____.

9. If Veneziana was an animal, she would be a ________.

10. One day, Veneziana and I will ________.

11. If Veneziana leaves I will ________.

12. If Veneziana stays I will ________.

13. If Veneziana was a hooker I would ________.

14. If Veneziana dies I would _______.

15. If Veneziana asked me out I would ________.

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But you are my girlfriend! And so is sorella Spain, and sorella France, and Germany of course, and Japan, and well sorella doesn't count cause she's my sister...

Ve~ I mean, we're all friends, and-and we're all girls... right?

(Deleted comment)
*eyes widen, blushes*

O-OH! I-Is-that what you m-meant? Oh-Oh...

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