Draw a circle there's the Earth!

Will there be Pasta?

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Um... Well, everybody was doing it...
1. I ___ Veneziana.

2. I want to _____ Veneziana.

3. Veneziana is _____.

4. Veneziana and I are_____.

5. If I was alone in a room with Veneziana we would probably _____.

6. I wish Veneziana could ______.

7. Veneziana should ______.

8. Veneziana reminds me of _____.

9. If Veneziana was an animal, she would be a ________.

10. One day, Veneziana and I will ________.

11. If Veneziana leaves I will ________.

12. If Veneziana stays I will ________.

13. If Veneziana was a hooker I would ________.

14. If Veneziana dies I would _______.

15. If Veneziana asked me out I would ________.

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(Deleted comment)
But you are my girlfriend! And so is sorella Spain, and sorella France, and Germany of course, and Japan, and well sorella doesn't count cause she's my sister...

Ve~ I mean, we're all friends, and-and we're all girls... right?

(Deleted comment)
*eyes widen, blushes*

O-OH! I-Is-that what you m-meant? Oh-Oh...

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